“Let us no more pass judgment on one another”
Romans 14:13

At first there were question marks on all their faces.  Then the guilt and shame began to set in.  They
realized that they had been bigots, that in claiming to be strong in Christ, they had become just the
opposite.  All those hours and days and years they had wasted condemning the others: blogging,
protesting, judging.  Why did they buy into every idle word which came out of the mouths of others?  
Why didn’t they seek revelation from the source, God the Holy Spirit, instead of joining the masses
ready to pounce like lions?  They aggressively, both figuratively and literally, kept slaughtering the
lambs; God’s unique creation.  
Now they stood there looking upon Jesus.  They couldn’t miss the tears flowing down his cheek.  
What had they done?  

It had been so easy to introduce the spirit of fear into the minds and hearts of the weaker ones.  It
quickly spread throughout the country, the world.  Sometimes subtly, sometimes not.  Just like the oil
which infiltrated the ocean floor, poisoning the helpless bottom feeders - the precious little ones that
God had placed down there in the deep to balance the magnificent marine life which had been
created long before humankind.  

Jesus had commanded, not asked, that they love their neighbors as themselves.  They loved Jesus.  
They loved themselves.  But they hated gays and lesbians and their kind.  It was the popular thing to
do.  When Jesus said that eyes were blinded and ears deafened, surely it didn’t apply to them.  The
“other” community pleaded with them to allow God’s perfect love into their hearts.  They talked about
eunuchs, but how dare they impose their (quote: “revelation”) upon mainstream Christians?  Main-
stream was God ordained; the eunuch thing fabricated.  After all, God created heterosexuals only,
and David and Jonathan were nothing more than good friends.  That’s what most theologians “in the
know” agreed upon, and they were to be believed with no need to question further.  When Jesus had
said that two men would be in bed and one would be taken, one not, He certainly couldn’t have been
indicating that gay men would be
welcome in the Kingdom.

But now Jesus was standing there, arms open, compassion flowing like rivers of water from his very
being, saying to the Almighty One “this one is mine, let him pass,” and “this one belongs to me, let
her pass.”  These were all homosexuals and their kind, every one.  How could this be?  The straights
were so sure that they were right in not tolerating anyone who was different than themselves.  Then
they began to look around Heaven, and saw the cherubim and seraphin – most certainly not human
beings, yet intelligently governing God’s universe.  And the beings on other planets which God had
created while journeying through eternity, causing life and light everywhere.  These other life forms
were very different, yet so unconditionally loved by their Creator, and overjoyed to worship and
praise God.

The once self-righteous Christians now bowed their heads in shame.  Many wailed uncontrollably.  
This went on for half an hour; Heaven time being equal to 20 years’ earth time.  A day in Heaven was
as a thousand years back on Earth.  They had misunderstood the very nature of the Creator of all.  
They pleaded with Jesus, their only hope, that their cruel words and horrible acts would be forgiven.  
They had been no different than murderers.  For the very first time they began to comprehend the
overwhelming manifestation of love, drenching and consuming all of God’s chosen ones, equally and
forever.  They hadn’t known who they really were in Christ.  They were the weak ones, the others had
been strong against all odds.  The last would be first; they would be last.  Would their idle and hateful
words be remembered no more?  
They could only hope that this was true.