There was a catchy song written over 60 years ago which goes "this world is not my home, I'm just a passin'
through".  It's folksy, Appalachian, maybe even a little hillbilly, and the melody definitely stays with you like an
over-stuffed burrito.  But the words.....are they really accurate?  The Bible speaks to a new heaven and a
new earth; an earth where we will ultimately live.  The new Jerusalem will descend right down here to this
earth where we are currently residing, the rejuvenated and enhanced version of home sweet home.  So,
being back to where we started by way of the all-time block buster heavenly detour, what will we do with our
spare time once we've explored the new earth?  Will we be flying around to other planets perhaps tending to
gardens?  I wouldn't count it out.

What would be God's occupation, as if God needed one, should someone ask?  Again referring to the Bible,
we are told right off the bat.  "In the beginning God created....."  God is not only a Creator, God is
Creator.  Along with creating a new heaven and a new earth, and that would be because God takes pleasure
that kind of behavior before.  Several places in Scripture refer to heaven in the plural.  That would be
"heavens" in case you're not following closely.  Several places in Scripture refer to heaven in the plural.  

We've got galaxies upon galaxies more expansive than our wildest combined comprehension even with some
of us being big time Star Trek fans, and there's no way these star systems are going to go to waste
unexplored and unappreciated.  No need to pack a travel kit, we'll just fly throughout space at will, in perfect
temperature with accompanying pleasant light breeze, spellbound when we get our first glimpse of what
David declared by writing: "the heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims God's
handiwork".  God can't wait to bless us with wondrous surprises.  All those unfinished planets are waiting for
our gardening skills.  Don't have any?  You will.  Our God creates, and being made in God's image, so will we.

Psalm 19:1