Though None Go With Me

“For I was ashamed to ask the king for a battalion of soldiers to guard us against our enemies
because we had already boasted to the king that ‘God’s blessing rests upon
all those who seek Him,  and likewise His wrath comes to those who don’t.’”
(Ezra 8:22)

The puzzled looks on the faces said it all.  Most of our Christian friends didn’t really get it and our friends
outside of Christ definitely didn’t.  How can you just pick up and move all the way across country with no
destination - no house to go to, not even a town in mind?  The answer is so simple that it boggles the
carnal mind.  God.  It isn’t that there’s no hope ahead, it’s that there’s every hope, every promise in the
Bible ahead.   

Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 that “with God all things are possible.”  He ought to know.  In my case and
probably yours, I have some intelligent, rational, well-meaning friends and relatives who offer all kinds of
advice and it’s often pretty darned good from a worldly perspective.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  
But in the back of my mind I keep recalling what I inherently knew when I first accepted Christ as my Savior
53 years ago.  No one, no circumstance, nothing mattered except God and my personal relationship with
Him.  I determined inside of myself to follow Jesus even though there may not be anyone else who might
choose to go with me.   

(Keep in mind that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son and He is the one and only way to God, and the proper
names God and Jesus are often used interchangeably)  

That said, my question is, why have so many believers abandoned their dependency on the only true
Source, the only one that matters?  We need to get back to the holy jealousy, the righteous indignation we
once embraced.  Some Christians sincerely and deliberately step out on faith day by day, but when the going
gets tough, too often the tough tend to succumb to worldly compromise.  Like Ezra, we should be ashamed
when we seek the world’s solutions above God’s.

Here’s a bit of revelation you’ve probably never thought about.  In addition to the spectacular fields of
blooming flowers and fruit trees which never cease to produce, everything else on Heaven mirrors what God
has already created on Earth, magnified in beauty many times over.  You didn’t think God would create all
this wonderful stuff and throw it away, did you?  The rocks are huge and magnificent and in colors you never
dared dream about.  And Jesus, being The Rock, is able appear within them in all his glory whether in a huge
form or any other.  Because on Heaven, Jesus is everywhere at all times and He reflects himself in any size
appropriate to the circumstance and place.  It is upon Jesus the Rock of Ages to whom we cling solidly and
eternally.  He holds us firmly.  We can’t hold Him because we don’t have the strength.  Those who dwell within
the clefts of this Rock are secure indeed.

Of course there is much to be gained from earthly assistance and logic, but we must regard it for what it is.  
Earthly and limited.  Jesus is honored and magnified when we purpose to trust in Him and Him alone.  The
smart person will make use of every means possible to accomplish his/her goals but will never allow other
“things” to replace reliance upon God.  This area has become too gray and needs to be more black and
white in our minds like it was when we were first saved.             

No one else can go where you go.  Theirs is not your calling, it’s not their journey.  Ultimately it’s your path,
your life, and yours alone.  Though none go with you, determine that you’ll follow the Master.