Time of Troubles

“I will send a famine throughout the land, says God,
not a lack of food or water, but a famine of hearing My words.....
people will follow every lead but won’t be able to find them”
(Amos 8:11-12)

We have entered the time of troubles, the age which indicates the beginning of the end.  The age where
Biblical absolutes have come to be ignored and validity is ascribed to all kinds of theories no matter how
off-the-wall or immoral.  Revelation from God is no longer sought and God has withdrawn his army of
angelic protectors from large segments of the earth.  The evil one has been stirred and reactivated.

Even Christians, although aware that they are coping with an onslaught of disasters and tragedies from war
to weather, and knowing fully that the simple and fulfilling way of life that their parents had has long been
lost, fail to comprehend that their impending troubles are Scriptural.  We live in an age where we have
become indifferent and complacent to the prophecies of Scripture unfolding right before us.

Any non-committal religion will do for the masses as long as it has a New Age twist.  As long as it’s trendy.  
In the Holy land itself there are more religious sects represented than Christianity or Judaism.  And those
others are far more committed and zealous.  In Christianity compromise has been the name of the game in
order than none be offended.  Keep the peace at all costs.  The bizarre variations in doctrine have wandered
into places never before known.

Young people are the products of their parents who have often miserably failed by example.  Now that most
references to anything Christian, much less to God, have been systematically removed from public domains,
there is no longer any point of reference for young students.  They’re on their own and certainly get no
spiritual guidance from their main source, the multi-faceted media.

As stated by the Prophet Amos, this is a famine.  It’s nearly impossible to identify it outside of the unction of
the Holy Spirit.  We have entered the age of no accountability.  To each other, that is.  It’s very different with
God.  God never goes away and God’s laws never move, and to Him we will most assuredly be accountable.  

There will be and already are the faithful ones, the ones seeking God’s favor, who will go to great lengths to
find a place where they can be ministered to by the Spirit of God.  Somewhere where they can receive
revelation and healing, somewhere where they’ll be blessed by God’s grace and anointing where sin hasn’t
succeeded in corrupting.  The masses, the let’s-all-agree-to-get-along and water down our convictions
majority, will not find relief from the famine because they neither understand Amos’ words nor want to.

For those who persevere there is hope.  There are great companies of mighty angels, unparalleled in
strength and magnificence, well able to protect those who would dwell in the shadow of the Almighty.  
King Solomon experienced the ultimate success because he asked God for wisdom.  
Wisdom is not a difficult word to pronounce.  Ask.