Prepare ye the way, this may be the day,
Like a shooting star, coming from afar.
With a mighty shout, long blue trumpets blast,
A voice of thunder lauds, He has come at last.

Flaming swords ablaze, mark the end of days.
Seals of judgment say; red horse leads the way.
Black horse of Libra scales, and pale green horse of wails,
Pronouncement swift and true, old Earth becomes the new.

Mount Zion is God’s throne, where Yahweh rules alone.
Eternity God’s light, willed by pow’r and might.
Upon the Crystal Sea, the saved will dance with glee.
Creation free from sin, redeemed ones enter in.

With robes both white and pure, from age to age endure.
All in one accord, hail martyrs’ just reward.
Lift your hands and sing, bells of Heaven ring,
Eunuch, saint, and priest; welcome to the feast.

The last became the first, no longer will they thirst,
While angels hold their breath, saints triumph over death.
Perfectly restored, Christ lifted and adored,
Forever jubilee, in Him the victory.
(based on Revelation chapter 6)