“Jesus said, some are eunuchs because they were born that way”
(Matthew 19:12)

According to the stats on my control panel, most of the hits on this website come through Google from
people who just happen upon the site by researching a key word or phrase.  I guarantee this title will get its
fair share of hits.  A high percentage of Christians who drop by would assume from this title that whoever the
author is, he must be castrated or something similar.  And that assumption would be dead wrong.  As usual.  
Without beating around the bush, I’ll get right to it.  Largely, the eunuchs in the Bible are the gay people.  
Not so hard to understand if you look at Hegai in the book of Esther.  He was a hairdresser and beautician.  
He and his friends, also eunuchs, were assigned similar duties such as caring for the women in the king’s
harems; a task entrusted to men in whom the king was confident wouldn’t sexually interact with his ladies.  
Were these eunuchs castrated?  No.

Examples of eunuchs can be found throughout the Scriptures.  There has always been this feeling within the
gay community that about 10% of the population is gay.  The Obama administration’s poll of those who voted
for him came up with about 3 ½% of the votes coming from gays/lesbians.  From that number a  compromise
with the 10% might be around 7%, for what it’s worth.  Just throwing it out there.  

Here’s a quote from A Fairy in the Palace:  

“A eunuch in Biblical times didn’t necessarily mean a castrated male because the word referenced anyone,
male or female, whose sexual orientation was a variation of the usual.  Today the correct terminology is
simply gay or lesbian.  We can’t assume that all eunuchs were gay, but they weren’t all straight either.”     

Let me briefly say that, although Paul by his own admission was anything but perfect, people will choose his
words over Jesus’ every time.  The #1 “clobber” text (the one they love to use to clobber gays over the head
with) is Romans 1:24-27 and following.  Paul tried to connect all gay people with depraved low-lifers quite
possibly because of his own “thorn in the flesh,” namely, his own homosexual tendencies.  Enter Timothy,
Onessimus, and who knows?  Paul rattles off a whole list of no no’s of which none apply to the plethora of
born-again, Spirit-filled gay and lesbian people that I am personally acquainted with.

That said, if you asked most Christians what Jesus said about homosexuality they’d say “nothing.”  Wrong
again.  Matthew 19:12, “some are eunuchs because they were born that way.”   Plain and simple.  
1 Corinthians 1:12-13, Paul said not to follow him, but to follow Jesus.  What all this boils down to is that
although people are born-again, they choose to follow Paul, not Jesus.  Jesus said one thing and Paul
another.  Your choice.

The Eunuchs