Going to bed very tired doesn't guarantee a sound sleep.  At least not at my age.  Two o'clock, four o'clock,
whenever, I'm suddenly wide awake.  My eyes looking up in the dark silent night.  I've always believed that for
me it could be the Lord wanting to impress me with something.  So I lay there wide awake.  Could there be
something special God wants with me?  Are my sensitivities so clogged that I'm missing something?  My
thoughts drift, I try to zero in.  Nothing happens.  I have an awareness of God's presence.  I feel the Lord.  
I don’t need to ask what God's will is, but I’d better be as sensitive as I know how, in case the Holy Spirit
wants to alter my path.

God didn’t want anything other than letting me know I’m loved.  God just left His calling card, that’s all.



Psalm 119:55

“In the night I remember your name O Lord”