“Walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers.
Have you ever seen color and design quite like it?”
(Matthew 6:28)

Water and sunlight.  A simple method designed by God which results in beauty and fragrance.  If you take
the time to examine the most humble unostentatious wildflowers, even the tiny ones, you can’t help but
marvel at their intricacy and perfection.  They grow because God sends them light which is a major part of
their nourishment.  If God would withdraw our sunlight, the source which creates our sense of well being,
we, too, would wilt and die just like the wildflowers.     

Heaven.  A place of effulgent, radiant, brilliant, resplendent, luminous, shining beauty.  We don’t deserve it.  
We have been born into sin and we can’t escape it no matter what we do, no matter how we try to justify it to
make ourselves feel good.  Will we make it to Heaven by living a good life?  Nope.  That’s ridiculous and we’d
be fools to hide behind that cover-up.  Try as we may, we couldn’t possibly be good enough to make it
on our own.         

Like the wildflowers, we need light.  And that light is Jesus.  He’s the light of the world.  How do we know?  
Because God’s word tells us so.  Jesus can make our lives bloom with a fragrance.  The Bible tells us that
through Jesus we can be transformed from darkness into light.  When dark principalities and powers come
face to face with the Lamb of God, the King of Kings, they cannot withstand the blast of light which is the
radiance of His being.  As opposed to what the light does for us, they wither and die because they live and
rule in a black abyss.  Their destiny is that very thing - outer darkness.  They will have a domain no more.  
They will be less than nothing.         

But our destiny is very different if we are trusting Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  While their path is a
downward spiral, our path is upward bound.  We will be in Heaven because Jesus chose us, loved us, bought
us, cleansed us, robed us, kept us, & glorified us.  Thus through our relationship with Jesus we become lights
in the world.  Darkness flees from us.  We are watered and lit by the light of Jesus, nourished by His words.  
And we blossom and grow.