Wings of the Wind

“A mighty wind swept in”
(Job 1:19)

If you look in a Bible concordance you will find a long list of references to wind.  Early on, in
Genesis 8:1, we are told that God sent a wind over the earth and that the wind was strong and mighty.  
Hurricanes and tornadoes will verify that.  Wind is always with us, but have you ever thought about wind
having a mind of its own?

In Ezekiel 37:9 we are also told there are four winds.  The wind delivers things at God’s command such as
the quail in Numbers 11:31 and we know that God uses the wind to drive away unwanted things.  God sends
the wind, God disperses the wind, God withdraws the wind, and God holds the wind in His hand controlling its
every movement.    

With the sweep of God’s hand the wind causes whatever He commands (Isaiah 11:15).  Is the wind alive?  
You might say that, yes.  And the wind has wings.  II Samuel 22:11 tells us that God rides on the wings of the
wind.  There are many other references to the wind’s wings also.  That’s not surprising when you realize that
the Bible clearly tells us that God has wings too, and because everything has been created in God’s likeness
in one way or another, that includes the wind.

God keeps a storehouse of wind (Jeremiah 51:16) to use as He sees fit.   But in John 3 we are told that the
wind blows wherever it pleases.  In other words, it has free reign.  That is, unless Jesus rebukes it as He did
in Matthew 8:24, telling it to be still.  It completely died down and the sea went  calm.

The Scripture above (Job 1:19) indicates that Satan, at least on this one occasion, had control of the wind
and used it to kill all of Job’s children while they were having a party at Job’s oldest son’s house.  True
enough, but only with God’s permission, and that’s the only time that was allowed.  The end result of Job’s
tribulation brought glory to Almighty God.  And that is the purpose of all things.  

And I Kings 19:11 talks about the wind; “but the Lord wasn’t in it.”  If you read the whole passage it is evident
that God was very much in control of the wind, and whether or not God chooses to ride the wind, be in the
wind, or simply call it into existence and allow it to have its free reign is God’s call regardless.  The wonderful
news is that Mark 13:27 says that God will send angels who will gather and redeem unto Himself every
person predestined in Christ from the four winds of the earth.  God commands the angels, God commands
the winds, God commands all that He’s created and all that He has yet to bring into existence.  

The wind - it’s a good thing.  We’re going to be mighty happy one day when the wind
escorts us to Heaven.