snow in the Holy Land


“God says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’
and it causes everyone to pay attention to God’s wonders.”
(Job 37:6-7)

Job and Isaiah commented about snowfall and somehow it has always seemed odd to me because I haven’t
necessarily thought about the Holy Land as having a winter.  Not a real one anyway.  Yet the Apostle Paul
encouraged Timothy to come and visit him before winter set in, so I know it was a concern just like it is
anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

The photo above from Amman, Jordan indicates that the Holy Land experiences winter too.  I don’t think I’ve
ever conjured up an image of Jesus walking through snow, yet it is probable that He did.  Snow prompts
contrasting remarks often in the same sentence such as “I love how beautiful everything becomes when the
snow blankets the earth, but I hate shoveling it and I hate the mess the snow plows can make.”  

Having lived a lot of my life in New England I know that certain flowers require a deep winter freeze in order to
regrow and bloom again.  That’s why so many varieties cannot thrive in places like Florida because there
isn’t enough of a prolonged freeze.  What we need to recall is Job’s observation about God’s grace.  God
wants us to stop what we’re doing, stop our busyness long enough to appreciate the riches that have been
bestowed upon us.  Winter - how beautiful it is.