Falmouth, Cape Cod

Your Private Place

“Martha was focused on getting the job done, and she complained to Jesus that
Mary was spending all her time communing with Him.  But Jesus rebuked Martha,
telling her that Mary had chosen the better way.”
(summary, Luke 10:40-42)

Charles Spurgeon, the great evangelist from Essex, England (1834-1892) put it this way:
“It is easier to serve than to commune.”  But a life of Christian service is often a cumbersome endeavor,
anything but easy, even though it is the logical and necessary result of following in our Savior’s footsteps.  

Sometimes we pat ourselves on the back for a good deed well executed, or at least for one that
was sincerely and diligently attempted.  But if we fail, we find a way to rationalize it as God’s will
and move on.  Those most determined among us will dust off their shoes and keep going.  
Galatians 6:9 exhorts us to
“not be weary in well doing” and thankfully there are saints who remember that.  

So, in doing God’s work we tire but have learned to persevere, but do we also persevere in our
one-on-one time with our Lord?  That special time is reserved as our love affair with our Savior
and Creator, our private worship experience in which we grow in wisdom and spirit.  Jesus’ example is clear;
“And early in the morning while it was still dark, He arose, went out, and departed to a private place where
He prayed.”
( Mark 1:35)

Years ago when I was involved in Shekinah Fellowship, Brant Baker, our pastor and faith healer, would
sometimes stand on the platform and plead with the congregation to not tire in their worship.  The Holy Spirit
would be telling us to persevere, to not risk quenching the Holy presence, yet arms lifted in worship were
dropping and some were losing their focus.  People have a tendency to push through the physical but grow
weary in the spiritual.  The intimate worship relationship must come first and the good works will follow.  
It is never right to spend more time in “the doing” than in the intimate communing.  
Find your own “private place” like Jesus did.