Additional Reader Comments

My all time favorite web site.  Please keep the encouragement flowing - Josh B

A real accomplishment, I look forward to more - Victoria B

Amazing, love it.  I can't wait for the next blog you post - Lori M

Attractive and meaningful website,will attract anyone who is hungering to grow - Sharon K

You have found a way to share something good and pure, embraceable, & provocative.  Feels good to stretch those
boundaries - Dana W

You have done wonders - writings are engrossing and lovely to read - Chris K

Your website is wonderful - Mary P

I feel God's spirit speaking through you and we are all benefiting -
a WONDERFUL expression of God's gift to you - Susan C

Simply told yet powerful stories which convey your deep beliefs - I enjoy reading them; although not a Christian -
Stephanie E

Love your website.  I plan on going back to it to continue reading, thank you - Theresa W

Am truly very impressed.  The content is easy to navigate. It's a great site - Andrew K

A nice looking site - Jeff L

To say I'm impressed or that I was truly moved would be an under-statement.  The words touched the deepest part
of me and I know without a doubt that those words will touch the hearts of all who read them - Wayne O

Chock full of all sorts of thought-provoking and inspiring prose - Joy H

Definitely a premier site on the Net for inspiration.  Certainly is mine - Paul K

Wow - I have a lot more digesting to do - David K

Your ability to understand and quote scriptures is very impressive, a natural wordsmith - Donna A

Thank you for reminding me that the margins are where God does His best work - Toni W

Makes you look at life and everything in a different way - Barbara A

Enjoyed all of your vignettes--much wisdom, delightful reading - David C

Awesome writings - Keith G

Inspirational and challenging for those who desire a deeper walk with our Savior - Rev Lee Carlton

Wow! Very inspirational - Jeff C

Your inspirational words are something I will return to - Bobbi B

Beautiful site… you are a talented writer – Ray G

You hooked me right off – Pat M


So  uplifting.  I will visit often - Paulette H

I thank God that he gave you such a wonderful gift of words - Lecia E

Not too right, not too left, but right on! - Rod H   

I am blown away by your web site. It is beautiful, encouraging and I can't wait to read all that it entails - Maggie R

I have enjoyed looking at the web site and love the tribute to your mother - Patty W

I appreciate that it centers on Christian spirituality, centering on Christ.  The most important thing is what happens in
our hearts - Ed N

Your site is GREAT!  Can't wait to purchase your published copy of the book! - Leigh S

I love the feel of the site.  It feels tranquil, relaxing and inviting – Karen M

I was quite inspired by the writings and the real way you bring it all to life –Liz B

We can expect great things from you – Tom S

Liked your intro and description of who you are – Rev Dan Nagel

You should read some of the things my wise and gifted cousin has written - and you will Believe! - Wendy K

Great website and wonderful messages.  After days of writer's block, your writings gave me the inspiration I needed
for the devotionals I send to my congregation in the Dominican Republic.  
Thank you - Rev Tania Guzman

New to this site.  Incredible, wonderful, & anointed prose -  thanks - Paul T

The site is great - informative, sensitive and peaceful - Susie D

What an amazing gift you have with words - Dorothy B

Soulful, insightful and very spiritual - Rita H

Many of your blogs have caused me to rethink things which I had once blindly accepted as factual.  
These are life changing & enhancing concepts - Royce P

Your writings are a real comfort - Brigid D

Very interesting and would probably take me a year to go through it all - Diane S


ADD NEW FROM HOME PAGE  &  complete the first comment from Hanna T on VH computer

knowing these vibrant faces have died
Thank you for being so open  
about yourself and Brant.  It means a lot to me - Hanna T

This is one of the finest web sites on the net - something for every level of spirituality and common sense.  
Outrageous, fun, & informative photos in the site directory - Darren K

All encompassing and inspiring, and with great photos - Bob F

Anxious to know more about your ministries and can't wait for your books to come out - Dave F

Where has this site been hiding?  It's incredible.....minstered to me.....
really hit the spot - Tim J

I love that picture of you and Brant. You totally melted my heart.
Your website is truly wonderful
- David S

Thank you for sharing your web- site.....inspiring writings.  re: Brant.....
we shared the same friend at one time - Jud H

I am very impressed with the site's comprehensiveness.  Seems like you have a portal to many different parts of your
life - Russ H

I followed the link to your web page, and I am blown away by the  
things you have there - Brigid D

The pictures are wonderful.  What a fantastic treat.  Wonderful website
- Rev Don Pederson

Good work and ministry on your site
- Rev Lee Carlton

Love all the pics of the family!
- Casey G

I enjoyed the insights your web page provided for me spiritually
- L Saint John

Great stuff, brings back lots of memories - L Hill

I read your entire web site and think it is marvelous.  God has blessed you with quite a gift - Hazel M  

I keep checking your website – continues to get more amazing
- Wendy K

Lovely readings on your site
- Marsha Stevens, Balm Ministries

Your website is fantastic, and so are your writings - Michele M

What a discovery and a personal help to someone like me in need.  Thanks - Chase C