Photos from MCC, Holy Trinity, Good Shepard
1979  Holy Trinity Church boat cruise in Los Angeles harbor
(the Church Of The Good Shepherd became Holy Trinity in the late 70's)
Brant Baker
my loyal friend - we loved being together
in the foreground:
Paulette Hunnewell, Ruth Hunnewell,
Brant Baker, and Earl Schmidt
- an unlikely family bonded in Christ
Richard White
Brant and I both wore vests much of the time
Danny and Joe
- they found Christ at Church of The Good
Shepherd and were changed forever
Jerry Dorrough and Hal
- born again and loving it.  Jerry was a real
visionary and I cherished his friendship
in a restaurant at the harbor
- always joking around.
David became an assitant to Brant
in Shekinah Fellowship
Ruth Hunnewell
Ruth was like a mother to me for many years.  
We went through a lot together, in fact we were
as soul mates.  She passed away with a smile
on her face.  There's no friend I miss more
Howard Lam, Richard White, Dennis Takeda, Rod McCrory
Thanksgiving 1978
Howard accepted Christ during those years and Rod was
saved at a Shekinah service in Long Beach
Brant Baker and Jerry Dorrough
1980 Thanksgiving day at our home on Willoughby.
Both Brant & Jerry had been our housemates at one time.
Jerry was saved at the Chruch of the Good Shepherd and became
Shekinah's organist.  We eventually sold our home to Demi Moore.
1980 - Richard White and Brant Baker
We card sharks were at it again. We stayed overnight at Vince's parents' home
in Rialto on the way to a Shekinah service the next day.  Both of us always
claimed victory at cards, no matter who lost.  On the left is a Tab can which
was Jerry Dorrough's telltale signature.
Brant, Earl, Jerry, Danny, & David died of AIDS.  
I don't know what happened to Hal and Joe.
many more photos to come
left to right: 1-Terry Luton (Spider), 2-?, 3-Larry Long, 4-Rev Ken Jones, 5-Pat Underwood, 6-Jerry Small, 7-Quinn, 8-Liz Greco,
9-Howard Coburn, 10-Rev Bob Cunningham, 11-Rev Bonnie Daniels(?) .  
METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH (aka MCC) was founded in 1968 by Rev Troy Perry.  He and I both attended Moody Bible Institute in the late 60's.
MCC is the only American-born denomination.  This Los Angeles based church grew rapidly with it's outreach to all people,
most particular to those in the gay community.  Make no mistake, these pioneers were undeniably born again Christians whose dedication ultimately
resulted in churches all around the world today.  Featured above are the church officers including the board of directors in 1975 at a church celebration.
Oh yes, we knew how to have a good time!
above:  Paulette Hunnewell, Don Pederson, and friend
Frank from Venice beach.  This was probably in Ruth &
Paulette's apartment.  

below:  Ruth and me around 1974.  She was both a mother
and best friend to me for many years.  Together we shared
MCC, Shekinah Fellowship, Good Shepherd, & Holy Trinity.  
I loved her and miss her like none other.
above:  me and Don Pederson ushering at
an early MCC wedding downtown LA.  We
were the best of freinds.  Don was my
mentor and Pastor and a true saint.
above:  Rev Don Pederson & Rev Lee
Carlton - both pastors at MCC LA - as the
Bugle Boys.  This was a rare appearance
for Don.  Lee was a little more engaging.  
Both these guys remain my good friends
all these years later and are truly servants
of Christ.
above:  Marc Pressman and I went to Springfield,
MA to work with a fledgling church shortly after I
became a licensed minister with MCC.   We were
together just a year.  He was Jewish and I led him
to Christ - the two of us kneeling on the floor in my
apartment.  He told me later that he feared the
ceiling might fall on him.  It didn't.  Marc died of
AIDS some time later after we had parted ways.
above:  Paulette Hunnewell, me, & Ruth Hunnewell
outside their apartment in Hollywood.  I lived just down
the street.  Ruth brought a bottle of champagne to
celebrate something or other - we could always find a

left:  Paulette, Ruth, & I often took rides out to Lake
Elsinore, dragging along any assorted friends with us
as we could gather.  This was my leather outfit I
changed into after I had preached earlier that day
when I pastored the MCC church in Pomona.  
Conservative?  Nope!
above left:  Rev Lee Carlton & Rev Richard White always fooling around.  He was a love and I still cherish his friendship today.

above center:  Betty Rolles and Rev Joan Johnson (MCC & Good Shepherd).  Joan pastored MCC in Auckland, New Zealand and returned to be part of the Good
Shepherd family of saints.  Joan died way too young and there's hardly a day that goes by when I don't think of her.  I can't wait to see her in the next life.  

above right:  Lee, me, and Randy Miller.  Lee and Randy were a couple for many years.  I first brought my roommate Randy to an MCC service, and when their eyes
locked I knew I would have to hand over my best friend to Lee's care.  Love at first sight.  Randy was the best friend I ever had and had a charismatic personality.  I
miss him very much.  Later he changed his name to Christian.
early 70's - a gay wedding.   In the
beginning days this kind of event got
a lot of press.  Literally hundreds
were in attendance.