Family Photos
Late 1970's - I hardly recognize me.
At one time we were raising 500 birds
March 1998
left to right:  Dick (dad), me, Priscilla (mom), & Vince.
Then Ray & Virginia (brother-in-law & sister)
Then Glenn (nephew) with son Thomas
left to right:  
Marilyn, me, friend Pat, Virginia, Ray, another friend Pat, & Vince.  
Is this not the cutest baby of all time?
Meet little Rhiannon, amazed and delighted at
Craig Oliver; her mom is Jenn.  
Their web site is   http://www.penancecomic.com/
Waiting for our table.  My cousin Marilyn came from
Contrast Bistro.  I hadn't seen Marilyn since childhood -
she's very cool (and a bit glamorous).         
left to right:  me, Marilyn, sister Virginia
left to right:  my mom & dad with aunt Fay.
Mother and Fay were freinds their whole lives.  
my cousin Carol Cooper and her husband Chuck at Homestead
loved the pioneering of the old West

Bob died way too young, but had a wonderful marriage, and Ann is
still very much a part of the family.
In the foreground is my partner Vince, MaryEllen Oliver - Glenn's
wife, Craig Oliver, and Glenn Oliver his older brother.  Craig's baby
Rhiannon's photo is above.  My parents are in the background.
Richard and sister Virginia
Judy at their retreat in South Harbor,
These two have been good friends for many
years.  We have a lot of history together
enjoying life with them on Cape Cod, Maine,
and elsewhere.
Scooter, our wire-haired fox terrier,
Vince's all-time favorite
& brother Jerry in Ridgecrest CA 2000
Dad's surprise 90th birthday party at our house April 10, 1999

My parents' 50th wedding
anniversary celebration held
at Vermonter Motel in their
favorite get-away.  
Virginia, mom, dad, me
the 1950's
cousins Cliff & Bob at my parents' home in
So Dennis, MA about 8 years ago.  Bob
passed away this year.  He is greatly missed.
Many more photos to come

- keep checking back -
My parents and me at the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade,
New Year's Day around 1978.  My cowboy years.
Easily 25 years ago we had an antique
shop in our house in Dennis, MA.   We
opened our doors in April 1985.
me and Vince's brother Daryl in Ridgecrest, CA
January 1990
Richard, parents Priscilla &  Dick, and Vince at my parents'
home in So Dennis, MA about 1995.  Scooter in lap.
Happy days.
Oct 1993 Nova Scotia
aunt Isabel, dad, mom
California with Vince's family
Rialto California 1985:  Vince's brother Daryl, his dad
Murle, and me in background.  Vince and his mother
Harlene in foreground.
cousin Bob, cousin Walter, friend Dick, cousin John,
me, cousin Michael
cousin Bob, mom Priscilla, and niece Joy.
Joy is Bob's daughter and a great friend.
grandmother Lydiard and mother
with Virginia and me
- lets's face it.....cute cuter cutest -
here's the all-time classic:
mom Priscilla & aunt Fay playing duel canaster in Fay's kitchen -
Whitman, MA, Alden Street
my sister Virginia and I - early teens
nephew Glenn & wife MaryEllen
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod
cousin Ken with two sons Ryan & Evan
Feb 2001 - Deerfield Beach, Florida
me with my aunt Esther about 8 years ago
All are gone now, another generation has passed
aunt Isabel (my mother's sister)
great aunt Kathy (my grandmother's sister)
mother Priscilla
taken in Isabel's home, all are deceased now
At Beverly's funeral many years ago.  Bev was Bob's
wife - he's shown in a previous photo.
me, Judy, Ralph, Ray
partying with the best:  me, cousin Ralph,
Mary Ann (Gil's wife), and Judy (Ralph's wife)
aunt Pauline and mother Priscilla
aunt Margaret and cousin Gil
Winnie and cousin Don, cousin Walter,
cousin Theresa, & cousin Bob
Walter's wife).  Patty is a professor
at Simmons College, Bostonme
and Patty White (cousin
mom Priscilla and aunt Fay.
- compare with photo above where they're playing cards!
mother and son
our home in Dennis, Cape Cod    
favorite brother-in-law Ray
mother and son - 2006
the pure white sands of Lido Beach
Sarasota, Florida
This would be her last visit - she died the following year
our first home in Sarasota, Florida
me and Vince in front of our
elephant leaf alocasia and banana palms
Vince with a treasure from Lytle Creek
Coldwell Banker.  Vince was young once too.
in front of our display at the Westchester Glass Show
-note the colored Sandwich glass behind us
Aunt Ruth in her Mardi Gras outfit
2009 - she is Marilyn & Carol's mom.
Ruth passed away this year
house in Sarasota - 2004  
She's the ribbon that holds it all
me and dad - Dennis MA 2001
Vince's mother Harlene - 1998
Belonging to Glenn & MaryEllen above:
left to right - James, Thomas, Genevieve, & Priscilla
Aunt Fay 2009.  Wow, what a gal.
She's one of the all time greats.
She's 94 now
at our home in Sarasota, summer 2009.
Cousin Ray, Claire, me & Vince.
They've lived in San Antonio many years
my second cousin Lauren &
husband Dave Shaffer & their
family Andrea, Elizabeth, & Matthew.
Lauren is Ralph & Judy's
daughter.  Great people.
Chris & Ross on the left.  They are
partnered and live in San Francisco.
Cousin Bob who passed away in 2009
is in the center, then Joy (Hartwell), &
Hugh.  Ross & Hugh are very tall.  
Ross, Hugh, & Joy are Bob's family.  
I love this bunch - they're intelligent
and a lot of fun.  I consider them all my
cousins, even though I am really their
Vince's dad Murle
Clancy our collie.  What a love.