Photos of friends
Richard and partner Vince
at Carole & Bonnie's out on Tidy Island
in Bradenton, FL 2005
They are always the best hosts
Charlie, Barbara, Vince, & Richard
Good friends Charlie & Barbara Adams from So Yarmouth MA
These two are ready for anything.  This was at an upstairs
restaurant Charlie just
had to try.  Once was enough
A casual day at our first house in Sarasota, FL
- Vince, Suzanne, Richard, & Hank, 2005
Hank and Suzanne Foster, our good friends,
are featured in the narrative titled
at their Cape Cod estate
Here we are - the big four - always lots to laugh about.  
Syd Mercer, me, Donna Farrenkopf, & Vince.
Vince and I once owned Main Street Antique Center in
Dennisport, MA.  Syd was our manager.
Now she and Donna own it.  At one time we all rented space
from Donna.  We four go way back -  lots of history.
As you can see, we're still the best of friends.  -  Oct 2008
right:  Long time friend Susan Falconer.  
She worked with Vince in West Hollywood
CA for many years and owned a gallery in
Chatham MA.  Note the caviar and two
glasses of wine - that's our Susan!
Richard, Donna Almon, & Vince  -  1990
Donna is our Quaker friend from Indianapolis
and possibly the best cook on the planet.
left:  Logan Brown died this past year.  He was
Vince & Susan's boss in West Hollywood, CA,
and a dear friend.  Logan was responsible for
Vince & me getting our start in life as a couple,
and he gave Susan away at her wedding on
Cape Cod.  He's toasting us, and I toast him too
We miss him very much.
Vince and Richard - 1996 Dennisport MA

This was taken while we were building our first antique center.  
some of our senior staff:  Elaine Dorrer, Lois Wood, Priscilla Oliver,
& Vickie Bonanno.  They may be smiling because they're a little sloshed.
Donna Farrenkopf and Syd Mercer.  
We've been bosom buddies for over twenty years.  They're like family to me.
Here she is, Vickie Bonanno
This was 1998 at our antique center in
Dennisport MA.  Vickie was one of our star
employees and remains a close friend today.
She loves to laugh
Hank and Susan Foster
Taken while traveling, our accomplished friends are most charming.
Dennis Takeda and Vince, roommates in college and still best friends all through the years.  I think this was around 1998 on one
of Dennis' several visits to Cape Cod.  A great conversationalist.   
Bud Marchant
at the counter of the 2nd Main Street
Antique Center.  He passed away
November 30th, 2009.  
He was a wonderful companion.
Logan in Tuscany celebrating
Halloween.  Good for him!
The Logan Brown Associates team about 1982
Vince Hinman, Logan Brown, Paul Jacobson, & Susan Falconer.
(see below)
Many more photos to come

- keep checking back -
Vince, Dennis, Richard
New York City, end of 20th century.  Cold, colder, coldest.
Linger Lodge - February 2009
Barbara munched on her first
fried alligator nuggets and survived.
many years after Holy Trinity and Good Shepherd (see Early Days),
Paulette Hunnewell, Ted Goulet, & David Conrad.  
Not too many of us left from the old gang.