Mount Calvary
Benedictine Retreat House and Monastery
Situated high above Santa Barbara on the mountainside.  It was Episcopal
and called the Order of the Holy Cross.  A gorgeous place, and we made lots
of friends there.  Loaded with antiques, here is the galleria in 1978 where
Father Doctor and Father Bishop are quietly seated.
En route to the monastery in Santa Barbara.
1978 - Vince & Richard
We were thin and in love - I weighted in at 126 lbs

In November of 2008 the
monastery was completely
destroyed by the Tea Fire.

Before and after photos by
Bradford Smith can be seen at the
Mount Calvary Monastery and
Retreat House website

"a must see"
after a couple of clicks
you will come to Mt Calvary Fire

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(as found on  Mt Calvary web site)  

Then a great and powerful wind
tore the mountains apart and
shattered the rocks before the
LORD, but the LORD was not in the

After the wind there was an
earthquake, but the LORD was not
in the earthquake.

After the earthquake came a fire,
but the LORD was not in the fire.

And after the fire came a gentle

1 Kings  19:11-12   
"the boys" gathering in one of the monastery
John on the right.  Bro John made exceptional
religious icons and ministered to AIDS patients
at the local hospital
Vince enjoying the panoramic view
on left:
I'm standing atop of
the roof terrace
overlooking the
pacific coast far
One of the elderly monks,
Father Doctor was formerly a missionary in Africa.
West Hollywood.  Father Bishop Campbell was Dominic's
mentor and a highly respected elder in the monastic Bro
Dominic Robins became a Catholic priest in 1983.
Bp Campbell passed on in 1977.
on right:
Me and Vince
outside the chapel on
the beautiful