Shekinah and Friends
Christmas card with greeting
1977 Choir
1977 Choir
1977 Brant - wearing an
uncharacteristic dark suit
Halloween party at the
Anne Hume with Richard White wearing her hat -
a typical scenario.  There was great comraderie
between us.  Anne was a sweet spirit.
Randy and Susie Dixon
in desparate need of a bar of soap.  
No comment on Randy's gun.
Forest & Barbara Dorlac as Raggedy Andy & Ann.
Soup Kids were Kevin Baker (Brant's brother)
and Jan Blessing.  
Brant Baker & me, Richard White,
holding Pat & Kare Vale's newborn Bryan.  Brant is wearing
my hat and vice versa.  
We laughed non-stop for five years.  
Easter picnic in Griffith Park
Brant with his father Bob Baker in the foreground.  
I chose the location - whoops!
1980 - Karla Edwards and Susie Dixon.
Our Shekinah babes!
Brant decided to host a party of his
closest friends at our old house on Spaulding Ave.  
We decided "no way" to the formal theme and showed
up in drag.  When we arrived, we sent word for Brant
to meet us at the landlord's house next door because
we were hesitant to attend his party dressed that
way.  He met us and laughed his head off, insisting
that we come over to his party. The party was a flop
up until that point.

White,  Michael Cates who Ida Stoup led to Christ, and
Left to right:   Vince Hinman,  Susie Dixon, Richard  
Brant in the foreground.  Not pictured but present
were Brant's father Bob,  Debbie Millias, Randy Dixon,  
David Perry, and  Jerry Dorrough.  We were always

PS - we never did drag again!
Susan Dixon with Linda Hill and ?
Michael Cates,  David Perry,  Vince Hinman,  Richard White
Randy Dixon and Richard White
Richard White and Susie Dixon
(Brant's naughty hand on left)
Michael Cates,  Vince Hinman,  Richard White
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Sweetwater Church of the
These are the Shekinah Singers we think we have identfied.  left  to right:
Sue Hart, Jud Hoyt, Kathy Buttrey, Dave Letsom, Jan Blessing,
Brigid deJong, Anne Hume, Kare Vale, and Kevin Baker.  
On the  far right Jerry Dorrough at the organ.
praying for a
woman, to
the left of
Brant is Dave
That's me
catching on
the right
above:  Randy Dixon far
left, mystery guy standing
next to Pat Vale
(catching),Brant praying.  
Further to the right Anne
Hume. David Perry
holding the cord
on the mic
behind Brant
who is leading
the singing.
David Perry David
Perry as a woman
behind Brant
behind Brant as a
experiences the
Holy Spirit
The services ended, the power of God had been manifest in a mighty way,
and we prepared to return to California.  
Randy and Susie Dixon beaming in the afterglow.
I will one day share with you the story of Susie and the pink cloud.
Susie Dixon and David Perry recapping the wonders and
miracles God bestowed upon the Phoenix congregation.
Brant ministering a
healing touch.  Dave
popping up behind
Randy and Susie Dixon  -  1981
Our very special friends - we prayed and played together,
and loved one another passionately.
Provincetown, MA  -  1990
David Perry came out to Cape Cod to visit us.  
We sent for him and paid for his flight.  
When he arrived he was the last one off the plane and could
barely walk by himself.  He was skin and bones,
under 100 lbs and dying of AIDS.  He passed away shortly after.
these photos courtesy of
Kenny Walden